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What is a vehicle wrap?

Vehicle wraps are the hottest forms of advertising on the road! It is essentially a giant, durable, sticker which is applied to the vehicle. Made out of vinyl, the wraps are engineered to last 4 to 5 years with safe removal. Have you ever seen a plumbing company driving down the road with fancy graphics and information on it? That’s a vehicle wrap! How about a sports car driving down the road in all chrome or matte black? You guessed it. That’s a wrap too! They are most commonly used to market and advertise companies of all sizes as well as provide some extra color change swag to personal vehicles.

Elephant Head is the right vehicle wraps Columbus company for you. Experts in:

  • Commercial vehicle wraps – Advertising wraps, contractor vehicle wraps, restaurant vehicle wraps, catering vehicle wraps, food truck wraps, window washing company vehicle wraps, HVAC vehicle wraps, electrical contractor vehicle wraps, moving company vehicle wraps, storage company vehicle wraps, bakery vehicle wraps, delivery truck wraps, handyman vehicle wraps, painting company vehicle wraps, pest control vehicle wraps
  • Color change wraps – Matte black wraps, chrome wraps, gold chrome wraps, metallic vinyl wraps
  • Wall wraps –  Wall Murals, door wraps, refrigerator wraps
  • Window graphics – Window films, Commercial window tint, Home window tint

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3 reasons why you should get a vehicle wrap

Makes you look professional

No matter how big or small your company is, vehicle wrap advertising shows that you take pride in your company. This translates to would be customers who are comparing you against your competitors. A well-branded company is more likely to earn the trust and business of a customer versus one who does not invest in their brand management.

Makes you more money

Your vehicle becomes a mobile billboard. Everywhere you go and every mile you drive, people are looking at it. Studies have shown that a vehicle wrap generates between 30,000 – 70,000 impressions per month. Your company’s information is constantly blasted in front of customers’ 24/7. Advertising and marketing is a numbers game. So the more people who see your company and understand what you do, the more people who will call.

Makes financial sense

Vehicle wrap advertising is the most cost effective form of all outdoor advertising. Have you checked the prices of billboards lately? An average location can be in the range of $1500 – $2500/month! Yikes!!! An awesome vehicle wrap from Elephant Head Graphics averages about $40/month. You do the math. Vehicle wraps makes sense no matter the size of your company.

Back of Dodge Journey vehicle wrap

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